Guitar Repairs, Woodwind Instrument Repairs and Electronics in Oswestry and the Marches


Instrument Repairs and Electronics in Oswestry

I now undertake repairs to all woodwind instruments - please see the woodwind repairs page for more info.

Repairs to Guitars and other stringed instruments (Banjos, mandolins, basses, dulcimers etc...) include: Set-ups, Locking Tremolo Set-ups, Intonation Set-ups, Neck Straightening, Pick-up Installation, Electronic Repair, Level & Crown Frets, Refret Jobs, Machine Head Replacement, Saddle Replacement, Nut Replacement, Active Electronics, Midi Conversions...

My top quality JFET preamp/booster kit, which can be easily retrofitted to almost any guitar or bass guitar in under an hour is available for only £29.99, including free worldwide postage. This has now been upgraded to allow for operation from an 18v supply (great for slap bass players)!

I have added a new "how-to" page to the site in the tips section, detailing a simple procedure to work out the correct wiring for any pickup. See the Pickup Polarity Test page for the full method. Dont forget to check out my article on electrical safety guidelines for gigging musicians - it could be a life-saver!

These are just a selection of the services that I have been providing to the local music community over the last fifteen years. My customers span the range from beginners struggling with their first instrument, to pros such as Nigel Kennedy, Napalm Death, Space Ritual, Groundhogs, New Model Army and many more.

If your instrument is in need of a little TLC, I can help, be it a much-loved Gibson or Fender, or simply a poor old Chinese "Plank" that has languished in a garden shed for a few years!. If you wish to customise or "hot-rod" your guitar, please let me know your requirements - I can do various wiring mods, including onboard preamps, for anything from a crispy-clean tone, to overdriving your amp to the torment zone!

As a musician myself (twenty years on the road, before finally putting down roots in the late '80s), I have a real understanding of the subtleties that make all the difference to the way an instrument plays and sounds.

Henry Nurdin

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